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Internet Marketing is not just putting up a website and letting it go “static.”  It’s a process, not an event, always evolving and responding to new ideas.

You have your own particular skills, as do we.  We bring a fresh perspective to your Strategic Planning, giving you the full benefit of our industry expertise.

web marketing company US mediamark spotlight web marketing company US mediamark spotlight 
web marketing company USweb marketing company US

Not just brand management, but brand building, bringing your business into new territories with increased revenue opportunities.

our core expertise

Business Development

MediaMark Spotlight has been capitalizing in business development services for 29 years and counting. We are a company that helps optimize marketing, enhance communication between company and client, and lead to an outcome where success is the only acceptable option. Learn More

Reputation Management

Reputation in business is how your brand is perceived. It translates into revenue and growth and can make or break a company in one fell swoop. What shapes the public’s perception can come from anywhere. Learn More

Content Writing

Looking to upgrade your web content? MediaMark Spotlight can attract users to your site with engaging original content, and convert them to customers. Learn More

Website Design

Is your website boring and hard to navigate? Read how MediaMark Spotlight can redesign your website to grab your customer’s attention and keep it.  Most digital platforms have a default setting, a generic set of decisions for how a website should look.  The default setting is also a mistake. Learn More

Search Engine Optimization

There are half a billion websites on the Internet. Is your website getting lost? Does anyone know how to find you? Mediamark Spotlight will use SEO to make your website stand out in the chaotic, ever-changing Internet. Learn More

Video Production

The video production team at MediaMark Spotlight will write, plan, produce, and edit a creative, professional commercial you can air on TV, or share on your website. What you will get is a video that truly represents your business, made by pros who’ve worked in the TV. Learn More

Social Media Marketing

By building a presence & identity on social media, you can be seen as the “go-to-person” in your field. You can be who users look to for information. You can build a customers’ trust. And once they trust you, they’ll buy from you. Learn More



Five Reasons to Use Video on Social Media

Making a name for your brand on social media is getting harder than ever. With so much different content vying for attention in users’ newsfeeds, it’s crucial to stand out—but a long-form research study won’t necessarily do the job.

Think Out of the box

Custom Creative Pods™

The Creative Pod™ handles all your marketing needs, including brand management, web design, graphic design, internet marketing, content writing, video production, social media, and SEO. For a set monthly fee with no hidden costs, get all the services of an in-house marketing department, carried out by a single team, with all the creativity and none of the overhead of a traditional marketing firm.

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web marketing company US mediamark spotlight web marketing company US mediamark spotlight 

What our Customers say

“MediaMark Spotlight’s Creative Pod improved our SEO, decreased our advertising and overall marketing spend; while they significantly increased our business and revenues. They’re customer service is excellent – they make it simple. We’ve been a leader in our business since 1984 and have never seen anything like MediaMark Spotlight and their Creative Pod.”- Ron Oswald, Owner, 10th Street Gym
“Mediamark Spotlight develops creative solutions helping their clients enhance corporate identity, embrace innovation, create a 'World Class' brand, effectively communicate with customers and other stakeholders, and drive revenues. In addition, Mediamark Spotlight will help clients control costs and increase efficiencies.”- Dr. John Lord, Professor of Marketing, Erivan K. Haub School of Business Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA
“MediaMark Spotlight’s video production service is outstanding! Everyone likes the video… it is professionally produced – top quality. I am really glad we did it!”- Wayne Eppinger, Owner Cheeburger Cheeburger, Oaks, PA
“We’re thrilled with the results MediaMark Spotlight continues to provide us. They’ve really improved our brand and significantly increased our patient base during a time when so many other practices are treading water. Before, we used several different companies, making it a difficult challenge to coordinate our marketing efforts. MediaMark Spotlight’s Creative Pod is a “one-stop” approach that’s simple and easy – they do everything for you. They truly know marketing, cutting through all the complicated and technical requirements. MediaMark Spotlight is all about customer service… they really do hold your hand – which is what I needed.”- Myra Reid, Administrator, The Dentists At Brinton Lake
Creative Pods
Happy Customers

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Looking to expand your brand, redefine it, find creative solutions to existing challenges, or optimize your company’s culture? MediaMark Spotlight will help you explore the various options we offer to shine a light on your business. We’ll walk you through the state of your social media, how well your website is designed, and if your traditional advertising is effective enough to stand out in today’s saturated market.